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Business Succession Planning for Small Business Owners
in Denver, CO

If you own a business, you may have thought about the future operation of your business once you either step down to retire, decide to sell the business, or have some other situation that leaves you unable to continue to operate the business, such as incapacity, disability or death. We can counsel you about your options, and create a plan that gives you control over the succession of your business, whether your plan is to transfer the business to a spouse, to the next generation or to a trusted employee, or to deal with temporary operations in the event of your disability. Many business owners fail to think about how their families would continue to either operate the business or receive needed income if the owner was unable to continue to run things, and we understand how important it is to consider these issues and make sure that your family and your goals are protected. We can help you to ensure that your business succession plan is coordinated with your estate plan, and make sure that your business can either continue to be operated or transferred following death, incapacity or divorce of the principals. We can provide guidance to help you involve future generations or other successive owners to make sure that a transition from one owner to the next is as smooth as possible.

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