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Legacy Planning and Charitable Planning in Denver, CO

At Legacy Law Partners, PLLC, we emphasize the importance of memorializing your personal legacy, which includes both documenting your life and your story, and using your estate plan to make an impact on people, causes and organizations that are important to you.

Documenting your Values and Story

We work with clients to identify the values that they wish to encourage or incentivize for loved ones, and to incorporate these things into their estate plan in a thoughtful manner. We also give clients tools to create their personal legacy or story, and encourage clients to create a letter or video to share capture their feelings, memories, wishes and life lessons for family and friends.

Making an Impact on Causes and Organizations that are Important to You

Many of our clients wish to support charitable and social causes and organizations through their estate plans. From educational scholarship programs, to environmentally and socially impactful giving, to supporting their alma mater, we assist clients to ensure that their values and goals are reflected and supported by the legal documents we produce.

In addition to making a positive difference with an estate plan, we can also help a client transfer wealth to charities and other organizations in ways that preserve wealth and avoid unnecessary taxes for their loved ones.

If there are organizations and causes that you wish to support, please contact us to learn about your options.

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