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Denver, CO Probate, Estate and Trust Administration

Probate, also known as estate administration, is the legal process through which a person’s “estate” - property - is passed to their beneficiaries. There are several types of probate: with or without a will (testate or intestate), formal or informal, supervised or unsupervised, and more. If you are the personal representative of an estate, we will make sure that the basic tasks and requirements of the probate process are handled properly.

While most estate administration can be done without a formal probate hearing, there are instances when problems arise and formal court proceedings are required. One of the most common estate administration issues, a disputed will, might occur when somebody claims that a will was fraudulently drafted, forged, under stress, subject to undue influence or lacked testamentary capacity.

Even when a will is not contested, you may need help navigating the probate process. As Denver probate attorneys, we represent individuals throughout every aspect of estate administration. Every effort will be taken to resolve the manner out of court, but if necessary, we will provide vigorous defense of your rights through litigation.

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